Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Rule #50: Prison guards

This kind of mentality drives me nuts. We’re supposed to be helping each other. Unfortunately, the indiscretions of a few paint a bad picture for an entire segment of society. It’s kind of like bouncers who use their position to justify kicking the shit out of a drunken patron. Prison guards who beat on someone who is under control or even restrained is inexcusable, morally repugnant and outright cowardly. The images I’ve seen coming out of the media are unbelievable. I started really taking notice when I saw Cassandra Feuerstein - a small 47 year old woman – being slammed face first into a jail cell in Illinois by a police officer. She subsequently suffered injuries that required reconstructive surgery. “Way to flex your muscle tough guy.”
Depending on who you are and what you’re in for, we may not give a shit if you get the ass woopin’ of a lifetime. Unfortunately, I think it’s more the weaker, undeserving inmates who feel the wrath of sadistic weak minded ass heads. What happens to people when you give them a position of power? Is it only assholes that apply for these positions, or do we turn them into power tripping idiots when we bestow them the power of authority? Hard to say.

In the new world, there won’t be much use for prisons, but the guards will be trained to exercise restraint.

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