Monday, 16 November 2015

Rule #52: Adoption

The adoption concept will be a big part of the new world. I like the concept; Prove you’re a good parent and you will be granted a child. Love it!
There’s a lot of children out there who are simply unwanted or were born to parents that cannot provide for them. It’s not their fault and they deserve a fair start at life. There are also a lot of good potential parents who would love to give these children a home. I don’t know why it’s so hard to get these people together. Of the more than 78,000 children in Canada’s child welfare system, approximately 30,000 are legally free or eligible for adoption, yet Canadians adopt about 2,000 children from abroad each year – most from China (I guess everything really is made in China).
I believe adoption should be close to home. It seems best to adopt a child who does not need to be uprooted and moved to a foreign culture. I don’t know a lot about the adoption process in Canada but one would assume there is room for improvement – and improvement there shall be…

In the new world, child adoption will be strictly regulated but efficiently swift.



  1. Would I still be able to adopt a 19 year old Sweedish Blonde efficiently swift?

    1. There may be a waiting list. Get in line.


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