Saturday, 14 November 2015

Rule #54: Useless studies

Every time I hear of the results of some ridiculously stupid study I have to wonder who’s paying for them. Today’s breakthrough study was no different. As I’m driving home this morning, the results of an all-important study come over the airwaves. Someone thought it was important to commission a study that links music taste to personality. There may be some marketing relevancy to this, but I found the results chuckle worthy.
Just to touch on a few of the findings, people who listen to HEAVY METAL are outgoing, PUNK ROCKERS are aggressive and COUNTRY fans are hard working, while DANCE fans are outgoing and assertive. Based on this studies findings and my diverse music collection, I'd be described as an extroverted, shy, lazy, hard working, confident, gentle, aggressive, intelligent retard.
To be completely honest, I put about as much stock in this as I do horoscopes. But it really made me laugh to think how much effort was required to come up with these earth shattering results. If the researchers who were tasked with this mission were given a year to complete the study, I wonder what they did with the other 364.5 days. Fans of Punk Rock are aggressive? Wow, what a revelation!
In the new world, results of useless surveys will be dismissed as rubbish.


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