Friday, 13 November 2015

Rule #55: Live organ donation

I hear a lot of talk lately about paying live donors for kidneys. To the tune of ten thousand dollars.
Paid donationisn’t that a straight up oxymoron!
I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this. At first glance 10 grand isn’t that much money to go under the knife and give up a major organ. The money, in fact, isn’t meant as a payment, but more a supplement for lost income and to help with recovery. But if you’ve been off work for a while and all your resources have dried up, that 10K starts looking pretty good.
But, how far could this go? If it starts becoming a situation where organs go to the highest bidder, all the rich people will end up with the transplants while the poor wither and die. It seems the kidney foundation has thought this through, as the program is set up to avoid that very situation. The money is paid by the kidney foundation with fundraising money. So, even though money changes hands, it’s not a highest bidder auction.
Thinking it over, it starts to sound pretty solid. I think the only argument against it could be the unemployed, poverty-stricken people of the world viewing it as a means of selling organs as a means of income.
Personally, I view my body like I do my car - I’m not sure what’s under the hood, but I’m pretty sure it’s dirty and everything is probably required. So, I’m going to leave it right where it is for now, and when I die, you can have a fire sale.
In the new world, sweetening the pot for organ donors will be permitted.

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