Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Rule #58: Horrible bosses

Hilarious movie. Horrendous reality.
What makes a good boss? I guess it depends on what level, what industry… there’s a number of factors. One thing that’s certain, being a dick to everyone around you means you’re doing it wrong.
Everyone has issues deep down inside. Somewhere down below the large intestine. Maybe tucked between the spleen and liver. It’ll sit there undisturbed until something awakens it. Everyone deals with it in different ways. Some people drown it out with alcohol or drugs. Some people take up hobbies that distract to a more positive place. Some people just choose to live happy and stay away from that dark void. Some may never encounter anything that wakes it up.

Then there are people that keep their insecurities suppressed by putting other people down. These people are generally bullies and more of an annoyance that the rest of us try to avoid.
So what happens when one of these types of personalities gets put in charge of other people? All of a sudden you’re working for someone who spent his or her life compensating for a poor upbringing. Perhaps their dad didn’t love them – or loved them too much (if you know what I mean). Now the rest of the population has to pay for the wrong doings of others. A boss’s job is to help and support employees. A person like this, however, isn’t going to feel good about helping others succeed. The only thing that helps them overcome their insecurities is making themselves feel superior by helping everyone around them to fail. Unfortunately for them, all the degrees and promotions in the world aren’t going to wipe away whatever is lurking in that dark chasm.
A stipulation of holding a management position should be support of your team. A good manager practices this anyway. It’s the assholes that need to learn to stop being assholes.

In the new world, horrible bosses will be terminated.



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