Sunday, 8 November 2015

Rule #60: Crack smoking mayors

I couldn’t resist any longer. This has been entertaining me and driving me nuts at the same time. I think this needs special attention.

I laugh and get mad at the same time when I hear people saying Mayor Fordor as I like to call him, "HIS ROYAL FATNESS" - needs to take a leave and look after his personal “problems”. Let’s get this straight right now…
Ford does not have any attention worthy “problems”. He’s not an alcoholic or a crack addict. He doesn’t need to take a break from office to sort his shit out. What he is, is a big fat funny piss tank who does stupid shit. He doesn’t need to take a break. He needs to leave office. Permanently. He’d probably be great at running a landscaping business or something so he can get loaded and smoke crack and still cut a lawn the next day without the whole world laughing at him.
You gotta hand it to him. The whole world is making fun of him and he keeps going to city hall every day. Standing in front of all those reporters, stammering and stuttering like a scared child. Honestly, I’ve love to party with him. Have you seen the video? Super high on crack and ranting about killing someone? It looks hilarious. Maybe he was mad about someone taking his donuts or something. It doesn’t matter. It looks funny. HE looks funny. If he does finally step aside or get fired or whatever they do with people like that, I have to say I’ll miss the entertainment factor.
To sum it up… He’s a big, fat, funny idiot who is embarrassing the entire city of Toronto in front of the world stage and needs to step aside, not go to rehab.
I feel funny having to say this, but here goes…
In the new world, anyone who smokes crack will.. - hold on, I’m trying to keep it together while I write this.. OK - … Anyone who smokes crack will not be allowed to be a mayor.

Wow! Who would have thought we’d need that rule. Perhaps we need a rule against pedophiles teaching kindergarten as well.

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