Saturday, 7 November 2015

Rule #61: Addiction

What comes to mind when you think of addiction? Alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling.., right? While those are some of the more common, just about anything one does excessively can be deemed an addiction, including shopping, eating and so on. Addiction is really any behaviour associated with craving that can’t be controlled. Especially if it’s associated with long-term negative consequences. Understanding that means you can see there are many more addictions – work, video games, the internet, etc… All these addictions can have negative affects to ones life and when it becomes apparent, you will probably be urged to seek help.
But what about people and corporations that are addicted to power and acquisition? No matter how much, it’s never enough. These behaviours are perceived by the world as “good” and not only are they rewarded for their addictions they’re also respected. Yet they can be the most harmful addictions to our social and environmental climate.
The head of a tobacco corporation who shows mega profit is not only rewarded for his addiction to power, he’s respected and possibly could sit on the board of many other corporations. Meanwhile 5.5 million people worldwide die every year due to tobacco related diseases. The heads of giant corporations that destroy the environment to feed their addictions to power and money aren’t held accountable for actions. They’re rewarded with huge bonuses and considered to be respectable. Meanwhile, the social consequences due to these types of addictions are much worse than your average cocaine or heroin addict.
Basically, we've been taught that "Addiction to money and profit is respectable. Regardless of the real cost." Well no longer. This will not stand, man. This greedy aggressive addiction will not stand!
In the new world, all addictions will be recognized and treated, even the ones wrongfully perceived as respectable.

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  1. Very interesting opinion on this topic....I totally agree with your view point on this matter. I feel that the more money and power someone has the more they abuse it. I have known many people with addictions to food, porn and lot's of other things that fly under the radar.


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