Friday, 6 November 2015

Rule #62: Inflation

When I was a kid you could get a haircut, go to a movie and buy a soda for 5 cents. Nowadays, I think a movie is something like $500 bucks. Unless you want popcorn, then it’s more like $8,000 bucksor something like that.
What’s up with inflation? Why does it exist? I know all the rhetoric mumbo jumbo about inflation reducing the severity of economic recessions by enabling the labor market to… bla, bla, bla... Whatever dude. Where will it end? At this rate everyone will eventually need an armored car to tote enough cash to buy a coffee.
I think it’s controlled by giant money hungry CEO’s so they can brag about how much richer they are than the CEO they took over for ten years ago. Even if the billion dollars they have now has the same buying power as half a billion ten years ago.
I say we stop it. Now! Today! If a wheelbarrow is $50 today, a wheelbarrow should be $50 twenty years from now. And beer should go back to 1986 prices. Actually, in Canada we could do that by just removing the tax, but whatever, we have free health care.
In the new world, inflation will not exist.

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  1. I like this one...and the broad with the giant tits, I like her too. Yeah, why the hell does inflation exist anyway ??
    We will discuss Friday, the Day of Wreck-oning...(we're gonna get right wrecked, see Bozsh??!!!)
    Ha !!


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