Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Rule #64: Double cupping

I’m talking about coffee places who double cup coffees because the cup is too hot, even if you don’t ask. Being a major tree hugger - at least when it's convenient - I am not impressed with this practice. I always refuse the double cup. I don't care if that cup is on fire. I'd rather burn my hand beyond recognition before taking a second obligatory cup.

I won’t single out any coffee shops by name, but we here in Canada have one franchise named after a famous hockey player who died in a car crash driving his new pantera while being chased by police in St. Catharines, Ontario, in 1974 at the age of 44. Leaving the coffee empire to Ron Joyce. But to be fair, I won’t name the brand. Suffice it to say this franchise is famous for the double cup. What does this tell us about the quality of cups they use? Or are they simply not satisfied with the amount of paper cup street trash in our communities?
    I'll tell ya this; they could take a lesson from McDonalds. I don’t normally promote the golden arches, but they got sued by some chick who burned her crotch and they still don’t double cup. Why? Because they use a heat capable cup, that's why. Ingenious eh? And, BTW, they actually have a superior tasting coffee. It's actually the only thing on Mickey D's menu I'll touch.

    If you order a coffee, expect it will be hot and plan accordingly. Or better yet, bring your own refillable mug. Why would you want to wrap your lips around something that was made, packaged then unpackaged by god knows who anyway? 

    In the new world, coffee shops will only double cup when asked to do so.



    1. I completly agree! As the grocery stores charge extra for plastic bags, i believe coffee shops should charge extra for those who don't bring their reusable mug.

      1. I dig it. There is a discount for using your own mug. So we got that!

    2. You're way off the grid on this one.
      Bobby N. says you're no longer Flyers Alumni...!!! Baaaaahhhh !!!

      1. You'll come around. You'll see... You can take the snake outta the flyer, but you can't take the flyer outta the snake.


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