Thursday, 24 December 2015

Rule #14: Impulse buying

Not only does impulse buying contribute to the ever-growing mountain of made in China crap that we call our landfill, but in some extreme cases it could lead to spending up to and including $25,000.00 on something as useless as a giant tub of hot water in a backyard that never gets used and just becomes a giant, energy sucking albatross of shame. I know that sounds ridiculously extreme and you’re probably thinking “no one would ever do that" but I’m sure it’s happened somewhere. I bet even some hippy environmentalist germaphobe has fell victim to this type of impulse buy. Could you imagine how fucked up that would be? Not only would that make him a hippycrite, just imagine a germaphobe with a hot tub big enough for 20 people. What would he do when friends came over and wanted to hop in the tub? Imagine all the excuses he’d have to come up with to keep all the kids, old people, hairy dudes, fat chicks and generally unsanitary people out. That would just be ludicrous, so we have to try to make sure this never happens by curbing the impulse buying habits before it’s too late. Let’s get some pressure on the manufacturers of our world to take some responsibility for this.

In the new world, it will be the responsibility of product manufacturers to ensure that the products they produce are not only necessary, but also a good fit for the customer.


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