Friday, 18 December 2015

Rule #20: Affluenza

So we’ve let another spoiled brat off the hook on a morbidly retarded technicality. Being rich is now not only a free pass to abuse the environment, it's also a legal defense to commit murder. Nice!
Our latest subject – who’s name I will not mention based on the values I wrote about in rule #364 – was given a free pass after getting drunk on stolen beer, then driving his truck at 70 mph into a group of people fixing a flat tire on the side of the road. Cutting short the lives of 4 people who had stopped to help a stranger in need of help. The witness for the defense, a psychologist, said he "was the victim of a lifestyle of privilege and entitlement, raised without consequences for bad behavior". He got 10 years of probation.
So, let me get this straight (he said with squinted eyes while rubbing his forehead) “he was the victim of a lifestyle of privilege and entitlement, raised without consequences for bad behavior.” Now here we are, with the opportunity to finally teach him “consequences for bad behavior” but what do we do instead? Let him spend a few months in a pricey rehab center in Newport Beach, California – something more akin to a half-million dollar vacation paid for by his father. And this is supposed to teach him "consequences for bad behavior."?
Here’s what I say. Since the courts deemed his parents were to blame, lock them up for the 4 murders. Or, The next time this poor, abused child does something stupid, lock him, his defense lawyer, the judge and parents up in the same cell with him.
The affluenza type lifestyle used to belong to the top 1 percent that owns most of the nation’s financial wealth. But the behavior, just like a virus, has spread from there to the population at large.
The affluenza disease is spreading among all socio-economic groups. More families feel they can, and should, keep up with this conspicuous consumption at all cost. Kids of all demographics are raised to believe they deserve the latest and greatest must haves and luxury goods, from iPhones for five-year olds to the latest X-Box for 10-year olds, to designer handbags for teenage girls, regardless of what families can afford.
It’s a disturbing trend, and something to think about as we attempt to stuff more useless, undeserving shit from China under the tree this year.
In the new world, any lawyer that presents a ridiculous defense such as affluenza will be locked up with the defendant.

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