Friday, 11 December 2015

Rule #27: The annoying laugher

You know who they are. Everyone’s trying to enjoy a good joke or comedy show, and then… there it is… out of the darkness… from some dark corner of the roomthe ear piercing, spine chilling, hair-raising cackle or scream. Everyone kind of muffles their laughter briefly while they scan the room trying to locate her. That’s right. I said her. Cause’ you know it’s a chick. Suddenly, looks of joy and happiness turn to raised eyebrows and upward glances of contempt.
That was the bait. Here’s the hook...
If you’re one of those people who look down at loud, annoying laughers with contempt, I must challenge you. Would you rather an annoying laugher or an angry miserable bitch bringing the room down? If you would rather a miserable bitch, well, you know what they say… misery loves company. I think we need to give these people a break. We all know loud, yellie laughers, and it gets to me as much as it does you. But if you think about it, they’re just trying to have fun like everybody else. And there's a lot worse personality defects than annoying laugh. Like not laughing at all.
I turn it into a game. I’m pretty sure it drives my smokin’ hot trophy girlfriend nuts, but when I locate the source of the laughing hyena, I make it a point to make her laugh as much as possible. Until I can no longer handle it. Then I book and laugh at the other party goers who are left to deal with it. It’s kind of like doing shots of tequila. It tastes like shit, but you do as many as possible until you can’t take it anymore. And the best part is, they seem to laugh more than anyone else, so they make for a great audience.

In the new world, we will learn to tolerate the annoying laugher.


  1. OK dude....this is a big one for me! I think that people (not just chicks) that have these loud and very annoying laughs should be banned from the New World! AND SO IT SHALL BE WRITTEN!!!

    1. I guess the next rule should be.. Only I make rules on my blog! AND SO IT SHALL BE WRITTEN!


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