Thursday, 10 December 2015

Rule #28: Customers who get mad at the person behind the counter

If you’ve decided to drop some serious coin and splurge for a fancy dinner with your special lady friend, there’s a certain level of courtesy and perfection you should expect. When you’re throwing down over $100 on a meal, you should expect a certain level of quality in the product and service. It doesn’t hurt to bring your own level of quality too. I find you’ll get more back if you offer your own level of politeness and patience.
If you’re at a take out coffee shop or burger joint, your expectations should drop considerably. I don’t walk into McDonalds unless I expect to wait too long, have my order get lost and get the wrong food. It’s the way they do business. Which is why I stick to black coffee when I go to Mickey D’s. And I even expect that to get messed up so I don’t get disappointed. But I have to laugh at these people who get all pissy with the 15 year old kid behind the counter who mixed up their order. Obviously, they haven’t gone through a serious training program. Nor, have I ever met a teenager who gave a shit about anything but video games. Do you think your cheeseburger or coffee is the most important thing in their life? Then there’s the retired old lady trying to make an extra buck working part time. She’s not interested in your bullshit either.
Don’t take it out on them. The real culprit is the owner of these establishments. They choose who to hire and how to train them. If you want to send a message, stop going there or contact the owner directly. Freaking out on a kid or an old lady might make you feel tough, but it just makes you look like a tool.

In the new world, being rude to a kid at a coffee shop who hasn’t been trained properly will result in a flying cheetah donkey smash.

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