Monday, 7 December 2015

Rule #31: Ass vermin

Ahh… Another class of corporate leech. These selfish, useless, sheep-like vermin exist one thin level below their vermin mentors. A corporate sub-vermin, if you will. Basically a servant to the corporate vermin they could be considered assistant vermin, or ass vermin for short.
The ass vermin exists as a parasite. Sucking on the festering puss filled teet of their host vermin. Not as evil, but certainly a lower life form of the corporate vermin, the ass vermin has no real conviction or purpose. He is only satisfied to go home and feel confident a good days work has been done when his tongue is brown enough to prove he has successfully French kissed the asshole of his vermin leader enough to keep his job another day because he doesn’t have the cognitive capacity to empty a boot of shit if the instructions were on the heel!
Like the corporate vermin they worship, the ass vermin will never be a true leader. Void of conscience and any kind of substance, he will spew profanity and belittle his vermin boss behind his back, but given the chance to offer his thoughts directly, he will recoil like the weak coward he is. The ass vermin will commonly take the form of a fat, spineless, soulless, jellyfish and can usually be found anywhere there’s free donuts. Or free anything for that matter.
An idiot and a moron of the highest order, the ass vermin has the personality of a rabid Chihuahua intent on destroying its own tail.

*(enter giant sigh)... and so ends my 48 hour rampage... thanks for listening.

In the new world, the ass vermin will wither and die without the corporate vermin to thrive upon.


  1. Hmmm.....the last two rules remind me of vermin I know. Interesting.

    1. You actually know vermin-like humans described herein? You poor bastard.


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