Sunday, 6 December 2015

Rule #32: Corporate vermin

This class of people makes me fucking sick to my fucking stomach. 
I’m fucking serious. Corporate vermin is a term I’ve coined to describe the slimy, human paraquats that slither through the halls of giant corporations, spreading vile toxin like a bad odor. They’re like socially retarded leaches disguised as humans, walking among us with a hidden agenda to suck the lifeblood out of us. You can tell them apart by the black, soulless look in their eyes. They are wholly without any redeeming social grace or value. If God was to give the planet an enema, you best stand clear because anywhere they stand is a likely place for insertion.
These people are void of any real strength. Their inner weaknesses eat them up. They can’t stand the thought of their wife being more successful than they are or the fact that crushing as many people as possible doesn’t take away the pain of being the kid that their dad wishes was still a cum stain on the bed sheet. It leaves them with only one recourse… climb the corporate ladder so they can demean all those under them in a desperate attempt to make them feel better about their worthless selves. Well I got sour news for ya fuckstick! It aint gonna work. You’re still that scrawny dickweed that the kids picked on in school and called shithead or dickbrain, or whatever. And the only reason anyone is civil to you at work is because of your position. They’re all better than you in the real world. Removed from the protection of your concrete and glass fortress, you’re just a fucking walking vomit that no one wants to smell.
The mentality of the corporate vermin is not very dissimilar from that of the common thief. They both make their living off the hard working average dude by taking from him when his guard is down. The only difference is the clothes they wear and the hours they keep. But deep down inside, they have the same mindset – to take without consideration for anyone but themselves. Come to think of it, comparing them to vermin is an insult to vermin. They are worse than vermin, for vermin do not pretend to be what it is not. They are sub-vermin.
A true leader, or a person of authority who is actually good at their job will succeed by helping those around them to succeed. This is the total polar opposite of the noxious, objectionable shit stains that I speak of.
In conclusion, I have only to share the immortal words of suicidal tendencies…
… If I offended you, Oh, I’m sorry. But maybe you need to be offended. So here’s my apology and one more thing… 
In the new world, these corporate vermin will be exterminated from the crevasses of the workplace like the spineless, soulless, ball-less vermin that they are.


  1. I think you need to be more patient and understanding like me
    Give people a chance
    Or have him followed home sometime and beat close to death
    That's what I'd do

    1. So, all you are saying is give peace a chance? Nice sentiment. I think I'll follow it. After I finish my vermin eradication.


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