It’s been said that the onset of the internet age single-handedly created more crappy writers than break-ups, remedial English and alcohol combined (well, said by me anyway). But remember, even the Sahara desert has water; sometimes you just need to know where to look.
   Steven J Bennett’s "365 Rules of the New World" is one of those rare exceptions. Witty, accessible and a great use of pictures to help illustrate the point -whatever that days point may be- "365 Rules"… is one man’s take on an issue we should all be engaged in… “How can the world around us be a more enjoyable place in which to live?
   The author is using his blog to introduce one new rule each and every day for a year to try and answer that question from a personal stand-point. Why him you ask? Well… good question.
   Born in Ontario, but raised in Newfoundland during his teenage years, he has spent the last forty years searching for those answers. Living in Kitchener Ontario, Steven has three fantstic children and a hot, trophy girlfriend, along with the perfect urban setting to help him find more of those rules.
  Whether you share his take on what a better world would be or not, one thing is certain; "365 Rules"… is a refreshing glass of water in the middle of a hot, dry desert.
Johnny Simon 

365Rules features a universal approach to common sense thinking and supports people with a positive attitude for creating a better world. Updated daily and infused with humor, satire and sobering thought, a new rule for a better world is published each and every day. It gives readers hope that all is not lost, that with a little work and respect for our fellow man and environment, there may actually be a world for our children and grandchildren to enjoy in the future. 365Rules is a straight up, no nonsense take on what a better world should look like.
It is only with reader input through comments and submissions that we can create a discussion for effecting real change that reflects everyones' interests. Please contribute your thoughts so we can truly create a better world for all mankind.

In the new world, 365 Rules of the new world will be continually updated with the help of reader input.



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