The J stands for Michael

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Interview with Blog Catalog 
Steven J. Bennett

What does the J stand for? Michael. The middle name that my lovin' parents gave me is Michael. I never cared for it much. But considering the work involved in having it changed, I decided to simply adjust the spelling. JMICHAEL is my new middle name (actually, same name with different spelling) and it's still pronounced that same. Ipso Facto...

Steven J. Bennett.

So, who is Steven J Bennett? Well...;
I was born in Burlington Ontario, Canada. Since then I've lived in Newfoundland, Toronto, Nova Scotia and finally Kitchener, where I reside currently. But who gives a shit about that. Here's what you really want to know...
I'm a (self proclaimed) master sommelier. I mean, I've never taken any of their silly tests, but with a mere glance, I can tell you if any wine is red or white - without even smelling it. I love to drink on Sundays. I've been told that I should quit my day job, leave this life and head to Milan to become a calf model - or become a stunt calf in Hollywood. I can kick Orvilles ass in a popcorn making contest. I can run fast, although I don't care to. I transgress no laws - unless I disagree with them. I find it flattering when Bruce Dickinson or Neil Peart call me for song writing advice. I have amazing peripheral vision and my favourite colour is purple. I don't give a shit about space exploration. I've been described as an extroverted, shy, lazy, hard working, confident, gentle, aggressive, intelligent retard. All of which are accurate. I despise car alarms. I believe the bible is real - a real book, that is... of a fictional story. I vehemently refuse to fold socks. I've done some things I don't remember and I don't remember some things I've done. I can't understand why anyone would eat a bowl of corn or watch reality TV. I dig hot chicks. It concerns me a little that a homosexual man has never made an inappropriate pass at me. I have two parents - one male, one female.

So, now that we know each other, let's go change the world!


  1. I enjoyed your take on why the author spends so much time on this blog. Well said my friend!

  2. Nihator AKA Hot trophy girlfriend6 January 2014 at 15:08

    I would like to take this time to tell the author of 365 rules Mr.Steven Bennett that I am so proud to have been a part of his life over the past 5 years and was witness to all of his creativity. The dedication and time that he spent over the past year has made me realize what an awesome, intelligent human being that he truly is. I have enjoyed reading his daily thoughts on how to make a better world and am in 100%! It has taught me so much and has created some great discussions and best of all laughter! Thank you for who you are and what you have accomplished.....simply amazing!

  3. Ahh shucks! You're too kind. But I'll take it. So glad you're in. Like said in post #151; We need all the hot chicks we can get!


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