The Rule Book

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This thought provoking book will deliver a message of awareness about our local and global environment. Reminding us that we need to think and challenge the status quo. Think of it as a life raft of common sense in a world flooded by a tsunami of nonsensical thinking. As a partner to the 365Rules website, it gives us permission to think for ourselves without the brainwashing tactics of religion and political over correctness. As you read through the chapters, you’ll see that all is not lost. That there are like minded people out there who want to create change in the world for the better.
An easy to read book that addresses common day issues such as left turn lollygaggers, shampoo instructions and garbage collection, it also delivers a hard line stance on delicate issues such as abortion, Dr. assisted suicide and Religion. The wisdom contained within it’s pages will awaken your desire to challenge the system while opening your mind to new ideas. As you turn each page you’ll begin to realize that the power to effect real change is within all of us. But the clock is ticking. If we’re to create a better world before it’s too late, we must begin NOW!

In the new world, 365 Rules of the new world will be handed down through generations as a continual work in progress to help keep our world on the straight and narrow.



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